In an era of permanent crises (climate, health, economic, security, etc.), it is increasingly difficult for leaders and public figures to see clearly and on the long term, to be heard and understood.

While agility, responsiveness and speed are keys to adapting in the short term, it is only by thinking in the long term that we survive crises. This is achieved by building sustainable strategies, based on a thorough analysis of the history, values and objectives of the entities and leaders we advise.

Our conviction is simple: it is by restoring meaning to the action taken, with humility, authenticity and audacity, that we succeed in overcoming the vicissitudes of daily life and in developing over the long term.

This is the ambitious mission we have set ourselves: to put our expertise in strategy, communication and crisis management at the service of our clients so that they can move forward in the chaos and emerge stronger from crises.



We help leaders develop a strategy and implement it. Influence, common sense and reputation are essential ingredients for the success of companies or organizations.

To convince, to be successful, to develop, the consideration of the interests of citizens, consumers, employees and shareholders, and of course the public authorities is essential in times of crisis.

Our mission is to study in depth the political, economic, social and cultural environment of our clients, its constraints as well as its opportunities, to help them build a positioning and a strategy corresponding to their ambition, their history and their values, and to support them in the daily implementation of the action plan developed together.


We help leaders and personalities make their communication a force for success. To this end, we analyze public opinion by carrying out studies. We help define the most effective messages for their priority targets. We reflect with them on how to improve their image.

We are also able to assist our clients on a daily basis in managing their relations with the press, improving their digital reputation and understanding the expectations of public authorities. The digital image of our customers is today one of the first interfaces with their future customers, it must be excellent.


Thanks to more than ten years of experience in crisis management and communication, we help our clients make the right decisions and explain them when their reputation is at stake or when complex and sensitive operations are carried out (mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, etc.).

We are present on a daily basis alongside management and are available at any time to reflect on the appropriate strategy.

Finally, before crises occur, we offer our clients strategies, to anticipate and prepare in case they occur. Downstream, we can conduct seminars to optimize feedback and get the best out of them.

Media training

Speaking in the media is almost comparable to a combat sport. It requires real preparation. 

To be able to transmit precisely the messages you desire, and to be a reliable and an appreciated contact for the media.

We are experts in media coverage and able to offer personalized support prior to any media appearance, and adapted to every format.

Likewise, before each media intervention, we carry out a briefing on the journalist and the media, as well as a dedicated preparation.


We give priority to supporting our clients over the long term in order to build a strategy with them, implement it and anticipate and manage possible crises.

We can also support our clients on shorter missions, particularly in the event of crises, complex operations (IBOs, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, etc.) or short-term regulatory issues.

In both cases, we organize a weekly briefing and make ourselves available 24/7 according to the client's needs.


Gaspard Gantzer, founder

Gaspard Gantzer, founder

Gaspard is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and ENA.

He was notably spokesman for the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, and the President of the Republic, François Hollande.

As an expert in crisis management and communication, he has notably managed the 2015 Paris attaks, the Eurozone crisis, negotiations on Iran's nuclear program, military interventions in the Sahel, the Central African Republic, Syria and Iraq, and peace talks in Ukraine. Finally, he was part of the team in charge of negotiating the Paris Climate Agreements.

Since 2017, he has been advising business leaders, first within the 2017 agency, which he co-founded, now within the Gantzer agency.

Finally, Gaspard teaches at HEC Paris and Sciences Po Paris.

Thaïs Dubs, consultant

Thaïs Dubs, consultant

Thaïs has a degree in journalism and political and institutional communication. She has worked for many editorial offices (Le Point, Vogue Paris) and communication departments in London, Milan and Paris (We Work, Dailymotion).

Juliette Rohmer, consultant

Juliette Rohmer, consultant

Graduated in law and public affairs from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Juliette worked for Plead Agency (Havas Group) and for the legal think-tank Le Club des Juristes.

Clara Reulet, consultant

Clara Reulet, consultant

Graduated in public affairs from Sciences Po Paris, Clara spent part of her curriculum at the University of Toronto. She has worked for the « Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée » and for the think-tank Terra Nova.